The Healing Studio

The healing studio is a sacred space where participants can spark their creativity, share their journeys, and express their truth to de-program themselves from the world’s barrage of loaded information. Stored emotions or life experiences are considered “programs” that become patterns creating symptoms in the body. These symptoms can express as imbalances, ailments and/or dis-ease, thus giving us a lesser quality of life than we deserve. Reconnect to your innate potential by becoming your greatest version! We offer natural wellness services that will support the balancing of your body.



Our clients are not patients, but are participants who commit to the self healing process of the body!

Empowerment, Vitality, Tranquility

Our mission is to heal, empower, and educate participants along their journey by raising the awareness and consciousness of those who dare to take the steps forward in opening their mind, body, and spirit complex!

What is Integration?

Throughout life, events occur and our body has two choices:
#1:   It can either integrate the mental, spiritual and physical stress
#2:   It can store the experience to be integrated at a later time when the body is willing, ready or able.

Our healing studio provides healing services that facilitates integration of life events, with the following modalities:



BGI incorporates energetic and fascia pattern release for healing.
      • Fascia is the fibrous tissue that connects the muscles throughout the body.


      • Utilizes the Activator to stimulate the neuro-muscular-response system for healing.


      • Psychoemotional Healing
      • Chakra Balancing


Intuitive Counsel

A divination system used by the practitioner who gives mindful insight through wisdom, innate knowledge, and intuition.
      • This gives the participant clarity or enlightenment as to why or how significant life events occur.

Divination Systems

      • Astrology
      • Numerology
      • Oracle Cards
      • Tarot

Self Care Plans

Self care is the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health and wellbeing.
    • Daily Rituals
    • Mindful Meditations
    • Affirmations
    • Coached Journaling
    • Empowerment & Manifestation Exercises
    • Spiritual Baths & Herbal Detoxes
    • Creativity (art, crafts, movement and sound)


Functional Nutrition
Nutrition-based care that focuses on health by restoring proper physiological functioning of the body.

      • Blood Type Dieting
      • Plant Based Nutrition
      • Parasite, Viral, & Fungal Cleanses
      • Body Alkalization
      • Detoxification
      • Tonics & Elixirs tuned to your body
      • Spiritual Fasting & Weight Loss
      • Supplementation


Hike & Heal

Spiritual guidance & physical activity simultaneously!
      • Sacred Hike (Private)
      • Cardio + Endurance
      • Guided Meditation
      • Spiritual Empowerment Exercises
      • Coached Journaling
      • Holistic Body Work
      • Sacred Divination Reading

Hike • Heal • Fit

A Restorative Mini Day Retreat!
      • Sacred Hike (Group)
      • Partnered Fitness Routine
      • Strengthening + Endurance
      • Guided Meditation-CollectiveExchange
      • Group Empowerment Exercises
      • Individualized Hands on Healing
      • Nutrition Workshop on Plant Based Food


Hand-Crafted Healing Teas

Herbal whole-body restoration

CBD Herbal Cacao Bars

A magical treat made with all-natural fair trade cacao that is grown in the South American rainforest. Our herbal chocolates are made with 120mg of CBD and 70% Cacao (Real Dark Chocolate)
      • 100% Organic Ingredients
      • 100% Organic Herbs
      • 100% Hemp Extract
      • 100% Non GMO
      • 100% Vegan

Dr. Tia is extensively trained in Chiropractic & Health Sciences, nevertheless her well developed intuitive health program is specifically designed for participants who are seeking alternative healing methods in a space sacredly tuned for the “Healing Arts.”

Virtual Options

Reserve your virtual session today!
The virtual sessions consist of a 30 minute or 1 hour intuitive counseling session through Zoom or Google Duo.