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Divine Spine & Wellness is a healing studio and a sacred space that focuses on natural healing through the Ancient Healing Arts. Our clients are not patients, but are participants who commit to the self-healing process of the body!






Meet Dr. Tia

Tia Rusan
Holistic Practitioner
Doctorate in Chiropractic
Master of Science: in Sports Medicine
Bachelor of Science: in Biology
Reiki Master
Alchemical Healer
Intuitive Health Coach
Spiritual Mentor


Looking back over a year ago when I first started seeing Dr. Tia, I had no clue how I was going to get through the passing of someone extremely close to me. One thing I did know is I needed to deeply heal on all levels (mind, body, & soul) in order to truly enjoy life again with my children, proceed on my spiritual journey, handle my business, and most of all be refilled with love. Dr. Tia was able to tune in energetically to me and immediately knew the exact areas of my life, my body, and my spirit that would benefit from the holistic approach that she offered. After each session with her, there were special moments that inspired me to continue. Layers were being shed, my energy was shifting, we were getting down to the root of certain things that she intuitively picked up on and eliminated them. I was grieving, accepting, forgiving, healing in a healthy way. I was able to be present and really go through it step by step. My awareness grew tremendously. Things that I didn’t even know still left residue from a spiritual perspective that was affecting my physical world. She was so detailed with her intuition that even if it seemed like something really small that I was recommended to do at home or work on, once I did it, the results were so powerful because it hit all levels. She used a combination of energy healing modalities and other techniques that work so beautifully together to restore wellness as a whole. I learned to enjoy the healing process. I am forever thankful! Unconditional love to you Dr. Tia!!

I have been seeing Dr. Tia for about 3 months now. I cannot begin to tell you what a difference she has made in my life. I was struggling with some personal issues and needed guidance on how to deal with these problems. She has taught me how to manage my stress and how to just be still and relax. I was always a big worry wart and it drives my husband crazy. Dr. Tia has helped me put those worries to rest and even my husband has noticed a MAJOR change in my attitude and confidence. She has guided me through some difficult times and made me feel that I am a strong, beautiful and confident women. She is truly a magical women and I would not be where I am today without her guidance and support.
Stanely P.

I have been seeing Dr. Tia for over a year now. I met her at a time when I was in a lot of physical pain due to back issues and I was going through a spiritual awakening. She helped me get the courage and supported me through 2 major back surgeries, she was a strong support post surgery with her energy work and her constant affirmation that I was on the right track. She also did some major work with me around boundaries and living my true life purpose. In addition, she has served as a spiritual mentor for me, she has helped me understand and implement manifestation techniques that work. Thanks to her I now have the confidence to be who I am truly am and live out loud. The thing I love the most about working with Dr. Tia is that she is gentle yet firm with you and she does the best energy work I have ever received. Thanks to her I am now my own boss and I continue to thrive under her tutelage.
Teaera R.

With Dr. Tia I’m comfortable to release my deepest thoughts and fears. She has changed my life in a way that I didn’t even know was possible but always dreamed of. She has helped me transform phases that I thought were stagnant/hopeless into some of my favorite aspects of my life. I highly recommend Dr. Tia to people who are ready to work through changes/difficult parts in their life and become the best version of themselves. This is truly her gift!
K. Harley

I’ve been seeing Dr. Tia for 2 months and have experienced incredible results. She has a gift for her practice and a heart and passion for her profession! I highly recommend Dr. Tia Rusan.
Susan Brainerd

Dr. Tia is amazing!!!! I’ve only been going to her for about a month and I have felt nothing but results. She helps me out physically and mentally. I HIGHLY recommend going to see Dr. Tia.

Dr. Tia is the truth! She has already helped me out tremendously in just 2 months time. I have been going to doctors for the same issue for over a decade and they have been no help only treating the symptoms and never the cause. Dr. Tia is curing the cause and for that alone a I am sooooooo grateful!!! Don’t miss out on a chance to truly heal yourself with her assistance!
Natasha Travis

Ever since I’ve been going to Tia I have never felt better. Not only physically but emotionally as well. I always feel comfortable and relaxed during our appointments and she always makes shore to explain everything and answer every question I have in a very clear and understandable way. I will DEFINITELY be recommending her to my friends and family.

Dr. Tia has helped me uncover and resolve a lot of problems in the few weeks that I’ve been seeing her. She has helped facilitate the healing of my body, mind and spirit, and I’m definitely a new person since I’ve started seeing her. She is truly gifted and has a passion to help people.

I have only been seeing Dr. Tia for about a month and she has already helped me evolve into a better person physically and mentally. I am very grateful for the her guidence and direction. I’m also very hopeful and excited for our future sessions πŸ™‚ Thank you Dr. Tia!!!!

I have been seeing Dr. Tia for quite a long time now, and she is extremely helpful in diagnosing issues throughout my body, even those issues that I didn’t know I had! Her quality of care is exceptional and I’m very pleased with the results. I would recommend her to anyone.

I have been seeing Dr. Tia for 4/5 months now and I have nothing but good things to say about her. I’ve come a long way spiritually, physically and emotionally with her assistance. I feel “lighter” and have overcome many obstacles with her guidance. My best friend has also seen her and will be coming back for a visit soon. I’m evolving into a different person altogether and it is thanks to her support on my journey. Thank you so much Dr. Tia
Claudia E.

Dr. Tia has been working with me for close to 6 months now. While working with her I’ve seen an improvement in many areas of my life, from personal to business. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a holistic and intuitive approach to healing. Dr. Tia works with you in healing your mind and body. I would call her practice/technique chiro-spiritual…healing minds, bodies, and souls. Thank you. Thank You. Thank You.

Once you have one session you are guaranteed to be hooked. Ever since I was 10-12 years old I have seen chiropractors on and off, and I swore them off after college. However, Dr. Rusan is very different than any person or provider that you will ever see. She sees the body in a holistic manner: body, mind, and spirit. She has a unique talent that is very hard to find. I can honestly say that I am becoming a different person mentally and spiritually. Couldn’t do it without her! I look forward to every session and will continue to enjoy future sessions! Thank you so much!!!
Maria M

I have been a participant of Dr. Tia for two months and honestly the changes within my life have been rapid as well as magical. With Dr. Tia’s support, I have been able to overcome things that I never imagined I could. I have a newfound joy and just an overall different way of seeing my future. I recommend her to anyone that is ready to commit to change and ready to embrace an alternative healing that has transformational results.

Dr. Tia has wrapped several crystal pieces of jewelry for me. Each one is unique and distinctly “me”! I always feel her positive energy, care and love infused in each piece. Whenever I leave the house wearing one of the gorgeous pieces that she has done for me, I take along a few of her business cards. As it is certain that I will be complimented with “I love your necklace!” and then asked “Who made that for you?” more than once. You will be thrilled with your one-of-a-kind creation, the fine craftsmanship and Dr. Tia’s personal touch!
Lisa Thex

Before my sessions with Tia there was a hopeless cloud that I felt I couldn’t rid my spirit of . I tried many different things and nothing seemed to have worked for me. From my first session there was a shift in my will power and energy . People even told me I looked different and I knew I was becoming myself again. Tia has helped me manifest my deepest desires and have the courage to be who I have always wanted. This has been a journey for me and I am enjoying it. With each session, I feel more open and filled with so much joy. I am happy I have made the choice to start reiki sessions with her despite my hesitation. I like that with session she helps me to dig deeper into my desires and fears while facing them both head on. I knew my spirit needed something yet she has helped me find it. My light is shining bright. It has been said when the student is the ready the teacher appears. Our last session was journeying up Kennesaw Mountain- who would have known I would have been able to have the courage to overcome many fears with Tias help.This is only the beginning. And I am ready!
Amanda Greene

My experience with Dr. Rusan was pivotal in reaching my true desires of living the life I wanted to live. Tia shared so much calm, confidence and love; it was surprising, she fully embraces you. I felt welcomed and cared for; it was amazing. with my healing I was able to trust myself more and heal from within; this strengthen the work I’ve been doing but with the nuance of healing energy. My work with Tia was the catalyst for my being a healer. I felt confident in choosing Tia as my guide and teacher to help me with the learning the healing modality of Reiki. I can confidently say when you work with Dr. Rusan you will receive knowledge, guidance, accessible care and encouragement; all to support you on your journey. Best of light and love to you on your path
Maryam Keesee

Hi! I was too excited to wail until our appt. time to share. David has never spelled a word on his own other than his name. Today he came to me and showed me this! 😭😭😭😭😭 Not only did he write a word but a whole sentence and more impactful was WHAT he wrote “I like to be me” πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ I CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR YOUR HELP!!!! You’ve been such a blessing in our lives! πŸ€—
Angelica Velez & David Hernandez

I had just moved to Destin, FL to begin my temporary summer job- first one right out of college. It had nothing to do with my degree and I kept reminding myself that I chose this summer to have fun and focus on me before I threw myself into my preferred industry. I knew barely anyone and felt like a stranger sleeping in another stranger’s house. I had a nightmare my first night staying there. It scared me so much that I finally decided to call Tia. She had been my older sister’s holistic healer in Atlanta and while I respected my sister’s spiritual outlook on life, I did not necessarily believe it was for me. However, I felt lost and purposeless, and though I understand the post-grad life has its awkward phase, this was something altogether different. I said would just give this a first session or two. Here I am, three months in, and I promise you any skepticism or hesitancy I had at the beginning has fallen away. I thought “Virtual Sessions” with a holistic healer would not work- I mean, wouldn’t you have to be in the same room to ‘feel out your customer’ or however it works? Within the first minute of logging onto skype, she was almost taken aback by the feelings and emotions I was giving off. She simply asked me what was going on in life, where I was at. The moment I started giving general, little details I could see her- there’s no other way to describe it- picking things up out of mid-air. Now, I’m a pretty logical person. Never did I think I would believe that human beings themselves have a capacity to heal w/lifestyle changes and teach each other spiritually, but that is exactly what I literally could not deny after a few more sessions. I’ve had in-person sessions with her and I promise you they are both the same. The connection is not stronger or lighter just because the conversation happens through pixelation.The very first day, Tia asked me what my goal was from these sessions. I responded with, “I want to be able to stand my ground, to be firm in who I am and own whoever that person is.” I can happily and proudly say I have come a long way. She does not do the work for you- that would be counterproductive- but she bridges that gap. She might lead the way, but you walk the path. I do not have a single regret waking up that frantic morning and asking my sister for her number. Thank you, Tia. πŸ˜€
Stephanie Escorza

Working with Dr. Tia has been such a gift. She has helped me through several tough instances in my life and has helped me become more centered. Dr. Tia is very kind and perceptive. She always listens and offer assistance to all who reach out to her. Journeying up Kennesaw Mountain was probably my favorite thing we have done together. It was necessary and definitely freeing. I highly recommend Dr. Tia to anyone who is open to the healing arts and could use some guidance.
Elizabeth Schad

No words can do any justice to how much Tia means to me. She has helped me tremendously in every aspect of my life (relationships, work, family, etc.). She’s truly an angel. All of my friends and family now go to her because she is truly just. that. good. Tia will help you with whatever blockages you may be facing in your world that may be holding you back from your full potential and help you grow into the wonderful person you are. Forever thankful that I found her!
Danielle Brown

Dr. Tia is very amazing at what she does. When I got my first session with her, it help clear a lot of my emotional body and reduce my pain in my body. I have been seeing her for 6 months, and with her practice, it got my body back into it’s natural position. She gives good advice, and she cares a lot for her clients. πŸ™‚
Kayleb Byers

Morning:-) BREAKING NEWS. I got up 4 times out of a chair yesterday without my hands. No pushing myself up and No pulling. It’s been 3 years since I’ve been able to do that. Feeling so grateful and Blessed. Wishing you a great day Dr. Tia πŸ™‚ :-p
Terry Wiggins

Dr. Tia has completely changed my life! She has helped me overcome so much and I have experienced incredible results. I am always excited for our sessions because I always feel AMAZING afterward. I would see her everyday if I could! I highly recommend!!!

I love love Divine Spine Wellness. I work with Dr. Tia twice a month now and every session blows me away. Creatively I’ve opened up to great things that I thought were out of reach before. Every session is different from the last and it’s so enjoyable to be involved. I look forward to our encounters as I have the programed in my mind. My health as well as relationships have improved so much since working with Dr. Tia. I can’t say thank you enough.

When I started seeing Dr. Tia about four months ago, I was in a pretty bad place. I felt stuck and out of control of my life. During our first session, I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be. Several health issues have been minimized and my body feels so good. Her coaching has opened me emotionally in a way that I had blocked for the last year or more. She reminds me to give myself credit for the work I’ve done and encourages me to reach goals. I’m very grateful for Dr. Tia’s presence in my life!
Claire C.

I met Dr. Tia at a crystal shop. She approached me, introduced herself, and then proceeded to tell me everything that I needed to hear in that exact moment. My mind was blown. I had several teachers approach me that day because of the nature of the event going on that day, but Dr. Tia definitely stood out. When she explained the process of her work to me, it really resonated with me. First of all, she is a doctor. That already had my attention because I tend to be very logical when deciding who to do business with. But the fact that she is a doctor AND a spiritual healer was something that I had never seen before. The crazy thing is that I didn’t even know that I needed healing. I thought that the source of my struggles needed to be worked out externally, not internally. However, I decided to book a session with her just to test it out. Mind you, I have had sessions with spiritual teachers before and even though they said very fascinating things, nothing really changed in my life. I have now been seeing Dr. Tia for 3 months and counting and not only has she been the mentor that I have always needed, but she has healed me in ways that I cannot even explain. My first session with her literally consisted of me crying the entire time because I had so much pain buried so deep that I didn’t even know was there, yet had been unconsciously effecting my life and relationships. She helped me understand and release the things that had been weighing me down and holding me back from achieving the level of success and fulfillment that I had desired.. She most importantly helped me with the loss of my father which I didn’t think I would ever get through… She has coached me in every area of my life including finances and diet as well. The body work she does is also very powerful. Many people are unaware that we store different painful experiences and insecurities in our body.. which can cause imbalances, pain, and even disease. Dr. Tia does several practices that clear out the energy stored and balance out both the mind and the body. I would highly recommend Dr. Tia to literally everyone. We all have areas of our life that we could use help with, guidance, or healing. As well as body work to make sure that we remain healthy and balanced. It sounds so trivial until you see the drastic changes that happen in your life when you release the things that are holding you back! Try it for yourself! She is amazing!
Janell Lawrence

Dr.Tia is super, duper, ultra amazing. She has helped me get in tune with myself. She’s shown me how to heal and love thyself first. Before I started working with Dr.Tia, I was a broken soul. I had no direction, I was lost. However, working with Dr.Tia on a weekly basis allowed me to live again, see things clearly, and make better decisions. I’m not sure where I would be if it wasn’t for her. She has cleared me of so many blockages, and brought light to buried wounds, I ignored. I will continue working with Dr.Tia indefinitely. I would highly recommend her services to everybody.
Afrianza W.

Dr. Tia is heaven sent!! I was having a quarter life crisis and didn’t know how to change my life. I was feeling lost and angry at the world. Around this time last year I started my new journey in life and Dr.Tia gave me the concedence to do so! She gave me tools to help through my journey and she has been there the entire time. I am much happier and feel like I am living life again! Thank you Dr. Tia!
Victoria J.

I started visiting Dr. Tia several months ago and I am thoroughly pleased with her professionalism and level of services offered. I can say that with her guidance and support that I have grown as a person and feel better about life. She provides counseling, coaching, and energy work which is very healing and therapeutic. She is patient while gently coaxing clients to move beyond their comfort zones. I can visibly see a difference when I look in the mirror and in my interactions with others. She is a wonderful support and is great at what she does.
Delta H.

I recently took Dr. Tia’s Reiki Level 1 class and left with a better innerstanding of the basic anatomy of the body and spine and how/why it coincides with specific Chakras. This info was an eye opener for me because I previously completed all Reiki Levels a few years ago with a different Master Reiki teacher and did not grasp that concept until now. I am already a Master Reiki Practitioner but decided to take it over with Dr Tia because her classes offer more in depth knowledge. Yes, every teacher is different but I immediately knew it was because Dr. Tia is a chiropractic doctor and a spiritual healer that incorporates additional techniques and that combination is very powerful. She even had real 3D anatomical diagrams that helped me connect the dots with ease and be able to explain to my clients not just from a spiritual point of view but from a body and anatomy viewpoint that helps tremendously. I can certainly tell the difference in my healing sessions as well. Im so very grateful for all the additional wisdom Dr. Tia. I highly recommend this class.

Working with Dr. Tia has been a life changing experience! I literally recommend her services to everyone who notices the changes in my life and ask how it was done. Her studio is such a sacred space for growth and spiritual development; her coaching is amazing / therapeutic; and the body work is so healing. I always feel on cloud 9 after our sessions. I highly recommend Dr. Tia if you are looking to release / heal things that are no longer serving you; and if you are seeking spiritual guidance on this journey of life. Dr. Tia is very intuitive and her advice is on point! She’s very direct in a way that’s compassionate so you get what you need. Since working with Dr. Tia I have released things about myself that were no longer serving me; I healed from past relationships that were holding me back (I hadn’t dated in yearsss). After Dr. Tia’s help in working through relationship trauma … I immediately attracted / started dating a new guy. That relationship did not work out however Dr. Tia helped me through it every step of the way and I left that situation feeling very proud and empowered (that was new for me!). Also, Dr. Tia helped me get my life back on track and remove paradigms of my parents that were no longer serving me. In the past year working with Dr. Tia biweekly, I healed relationships, moved into a new place I LOVE, got a new car and so far lost a total of 36 pounds. Overall, I feel lighter in every sense of the word, more peaceful and in tune with my true self. This year has been life changing and I thank Dr. Tia for her assistance on my journey. I am forever grateful!